Paven Sherlock

Paven Sherlock

PAVEN released via twitter @Paven_Sherlock, a service to provide Pro Bono insight or assistance on complex investigations or where answers are hidden in plain sight; provide statistical, analytical, mathematical probability of facts to assist with investigations and a resource to law enforcement and other investigators! During the last year we have been involved in multiple investigations with the unknown, disappearances, crimes, etc. that have spanned decades from nearly every state!

We are not private investigators or law enforcement but bring a wealth of knowledge concerning investigations, document reviewing, analyzing facts/data and identifying conflicting statements that sometimes blur initial investigations.

PAVEN was and will be involved in these as there is typically Prejudice and Violence involved and often creates or causes Mental Health concerns. These are two areas of interest and passion with PAVEN as we strive to make a difference in both.

Donations accepted for PAVEN Scholarship funds, general fund or specific fund or as designated by individual, group or agency making the donation. We will not accept donations from individuals or families impacted by incidents we provide investigative insight or knowledge.

Check it out on twitter @SherlockPaven and @Paven_Sherlock or send an email to