Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform

Our CEO Chris Ward Kline attended and participated in interactive meeting on homelessness hosted by Columbia University in San Francisco.

Very encouraging to see the Educational Sector be involved in issues such as the homeless crisis which impacts various cities and states, some harder than others!  

In the late 70’s, Education was taken away from Health, Education and Welfare and became separate while renaming H.E.W. to Health and Human Services! With what we are seeing with homelessness, suicides, overdoses, we need all partners to include the Education Sector to come to the table for discussions with sustainable, lasting and cost effective strategies.


My question at 50:35 focuses on Health Surveillance by HHS - SAMHSA which again needs a larger discussion to include these partners at the city, state and federal level! Health Surveillance needs to be evaluated, retooled and administered in a vastly different way as in its current approach only contributes to homelessness, suicides, overdoses, etc.

Having said that, PAVEN and the Board of Directors are open for dialogue with city, state and federal officials to develop and implement long lasting approaches to solve the aforementioned issues!

Please share and forward to officials dealing with these issues!

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