Mental Health Reform

Mental Health Reform

Message from CEO and PAVEN:

For the last several weeks, I, along with PAVEN, have been attempting to collaborate with Secretary Azar and Health and Human Services on the administering of Health Surveillance. As the country is dealing with several crisis to include overdoses, suicides, gun violence, mental health and suicides, one area that has neglected for decades is the administering of Health Surveillance both physical and mental symptoms. Currently HHS only uses data from 5% of total population to administer to the other 95% which isn’t medically logical!

Unfortunately to date, Secretary Azar has been unwilling to come to agreement, terms or realization that Health Surveillance contributes to each of these areas! How much, unknown! We would like Researchers, Medical Professionals from the private sector be part of the larger conversation which at this point should be Congressional Hearings! 100,000 suicide and overdoses has crossed the tipping point long ago!

Join us in our fight for Veterans, Americans and all with asking for Congressional Hearings on Health Surveillance!