Agriculture/forestry grants

As we prepare additional information about this section, we want to remind everyone the importance of these two topics with our past, our future and sustainability moving forward!

One area that we will be sure to focus on is Future Farmers of America!  

Our CEO group up in western Maryland which has a rich history of farming families and mountain ranges surrounding the area.  Most families can trace their heritage at one point in their family to farming if you go back far enough.  

Maintaining our forest and preventing forest fires is another area of focus for PAVEN.

Stay tunes for additional details!

We are also open to ideas from folks around the country.  If you have an ideal go to our 'contact us' page and submit it.  

Photos above are from the Civic Center Farmers’ Market in San Francisco!  Check out WWW.HOTFARMERSMARKET.ORG for more information concerning this Farmers Market!