Our Programs



Anson K. Khine Scholarship for University of California San Francisco and PAVEN Scholarships for Univeristy of Maryland and Northeastern University.  More to come in the near future.  Stay tuned for additional details.


Raise Awareness and Education

We have no problem talking and backing up whaT we talk about.  Whether with Community Leaders, Public Officials, Politicians or the Public, we will be there for support and voice our concerns.


Raising funds for other Non Profits

Through collaboration and partnerships, we raise funds to help other non profits who share and align with our core belief in ending prejudice and violence!


PAVEN Geographic Locations

Areas/geographic areas in which PAVEN has a footprint!

San Francisco Bay Area - San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and surrounding areas around those cities

Hagerstown, MD Tri-county area - Washington, Berkeley, Franklin and surrounding areas around those counties

Boston Metropolitan - Boston, Suffolk/Essex Counties and surrounding areas

Areas/geographic locations PAVEN will be looking to establish footprints in during the near future:  NYC, St. Louis and Chicago!